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8 Fintech Career Stories told in 5 minutes or less

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

At our Fintech Jobs Fair in March, we had over 200 attendees and 13 companies hiring, but the most exciting part of the evening was hearing 8 individuals tell the story of how they got into fintech into 5 minutes or less. If you're thinking about getting into fintech, there is no better time, and, as you'll learn from these stories, there are a whole variety of ways to get involved. No two paths are the same. Enjoy!

The presenters:

  1. Geno Moscetti, Director of Product @ Marqeta

  2. Erica Dorfman, Head of Finance & Ops @ Tally

  3. Jason Robinson, VP of Product @ Juvo

  4. Mike Young, Sr. Software Engineer @ SynapseFI

  5. Lukasz Strozek, VP of Engineering @ SoFi

  6. Jessica Chen Riolfi, Head of Product @ Earnin

  7. Amir Hermelin, VP of Product & Data @ SoFi

  8. Chris Hutchins, Founder & CEO @ Grove

Their stories:

Fintech Career Stories - YouTube Playlist

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