• Rex Salisbury

Next 3 billion in Financial Services w/ A16Z, Branch and Earnin

Recordings from our August meetup

Traditional banking services have fallen flat for an enormous segment of the population leaving behind many low-income populations — both in the U.S. and around the world. At our August meetup, we explored what next generation fintech companies are doing to bridge the gap. Here are the recordings.

#1 Angela Strange - General Partner at A16Z

#2 Daniel Jung - Co-Founder & COO at Branch

Branch dramatically reduces the cost of delivering financial services in emerging markets through mobile first banking services. The first product they've launched is credit.

#3 Ram Palaniappan - Founder & CEO at Earnin

Earnin allows hourly employees to get a paycheck whenever they want for hours they've worked instead of waiting until payday or relying on short term loans.

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