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6 Fintechs working on the Future of Real Estate

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Our first two meetups of 2019 were dedicated to the exploring the future of real estate, and we had presenters representing six great fintechs doing just that. Here they are, enjoy!

You can click on each videos below or watch the whole YouTube playlist here.

#1 - Clement Kao, Product at Blend

Clement talked about how Blend has grown their product offering beyond just mortgages to include adjacent products such as home insurance. Founded in 2012 and 300+ employees strong, Blend is transforming the consumer lending ecosystem. Their white label platform delivers speed and efficiency to the mortgage origination process for some of the nation's largest lenders. Blend is backed by Greylock Partners, Emergence Capital, 8VC, Founders Fund, Andreessen Horowitz, Lightspeed, Nyca, Max Levchin, and other leading venture investors. https://blend.com/

#2 - Paul Tucker, Direct of Biz Ops at Unison

Unison helps consumers buy homes with equity instead of debt. Instead of taking out a loan, Unison helps you with the down payment in exchange for the portion of the homes appreciation. Equity based investments for home owners are relatively new, as such Unison works hard to educate consumers on why their product might be a fit. Paul talked about how Unison has learned over time how to best communicate the value of their product. https://www.unison.com/

#3 - Mamta Bhandari, Product at Opendoor

Founded in 2014, Opendoor is one of the earliest and best so called "iBuyers", digital real estate platforms that buy homes directly from consumers in as little as 3 days, instead of using a traditional real estate agent and having to list and show your home. Opendoor pioneered what New York Times called a "fat startup", a company that doesn't shy away from hard, capital intensive problems like buying and selling thousands of homes. Mamta talked about how Opendoor helps those buying the home navigate the mortgage process. https://www.opendoor.com/

#4 - Nav Athwal, Founder at District Capital

Nav has a wealth of experience in real estate and fintech and we are very excited to spend an evening talking about his pervious experiences in real estate and a little bit about his newest venture, District Capital. Previously, Nav Founded RealtyShares and was CEO for 4 years. He has over a decade of experience in real estate and technology as an engineer, real estate broker, real estate and land use attorney and real estate investor. At RealtyShares, he helped deploy close to $1B in capital for real estate transaction value in excess of $3B. He also supports early stage companies in fintech, proptech and agriculture as an investor and advisor. https://districtcapital.com/

#5 - Tiffany Li, Co-Founder at Divvy

Divvy Homes is a modern rent to buy platform that affords individuals a new path to home ownership with only 2% down. Individuals partner with Divvy and select a house. Divvy then buys that home from them on their behalf, while the individual rents it. Over time the individual builds up a downpayment and demonstrates creditworthiness, allowing them to purchase the home. Tiffany talked about what Divvy has learned as the company evolved from idea to buying homes every day. Divvy's first public appearance was a presentation to the Cambrian Fintech Community in October 2017. In October 2018, Divvy announced a $30mm financing round led Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) with participation from Caffeinated Capital, Scifi Ventures, and DFJ. https://www.divvyhomes.com/

#6 - Wei Gan, Co-Founder & CTO at Ribbon

Ribbon has created a product to allow any home buyer to make an all cash offer by guaranteeing the close in exchange for a fee. With the Ribbon guarantee, buyers who need mortgage financing are able to eliminate any concerns the seller may have about their ability to close. In competitive real estate markets, this means that any buyer can compete with true all cash buyers. Wei talked about what Ribbon has learned since launching in the first quarter of 2018. Ribbon raised $225 million of debt & equity financing in October of 2018.

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